About Me
  1. My name is Claire Warhover. I am a Junior with a communication design major and a writing minor.
  2. I am taking this class because I am majoring in Communication Design and it is a requirement, but I am also interested in learning how to effectively design websites because I am currently redesigning a website for the company that I work for.
  3. I used to design websites in middle school using html, and we did a project in Typography 1 last year using basic html.
  4. I hope to learn ways to design for screens that allow users to interact with the design in ways that are engaging and interesting.
  5. When you design for the screen, the design has to look good at many different sizes (mobile, desktop, etc.) instead of just one size like a printed piece.
  6. I think that Brand Almanac's website exemplifies great design. The colors (black, yellow, and white) are consistent across the website, along with the typefaces and other elements associated with their brand. They incorporate imagery and interactive elements that change when you hover over them into the page to make it more engaging.
  7. Polygon's website exemplifies good communication. Even though there is a lot of content to organize, they have figured out a way to organize it in a way that is clean and easily navigable. Also, the design of the website matches well with the content, and helps communicate their branding and message further.
  8. Lazy Oaf's website is a website that works well. It is easy to find what you are shopping for with the tabs at the top of the page, and easy to use filters to find exactly what you need.